Collegiate Journalism Conventions

Commentary from the Daily Editor, Stephanie Steinberg:

Michigan Daily reporters and editors who attended the 2011 Michigan Press Association Convention in Detroit walked away from the weekend with a better understanding of the journalism industry in Michigan and ideas to improve The Michigan Daily's coverage.

The conference was a great way for Daily staff to network with other reporters and editors from newspapers across the state. Through the workshops and panel discussions, we learned techniques on how to improve investigative reporting and gained ideas for increasing our readership and presence online.

The event also provided the opportunity to hear from the state lawmakers we cover in our stories. Gov. Rick Snyder spoke at a lunch and outlined his plans for boosting the state's economy and revamping the education system. Several state representatives also sat on a panel and discussed key issues — such as the state budget, jobs and education — that they will focus on this year.

Overall, the conference was beneficial for students looking to enter a career in journalism and to improve their work at the Daily. I highly encourage reporters and editors to attend next year's conference.
~ Stephanie Steinberg

Stay tuned for another update on future career enhancement activites.

All experiences were made possible through contributions to the recently established Student Publications Career Enhancement Fund. Let us know, if you have ideas for additional activities. Please contact Director of Development, Astrid Giese via email agiese AT with suggestions.