FALL 2017 Reunion! "A Night with the Pulitzers"

Photography by Max Kuang, Daily photographer and summer 2017 MPE, Sri Krishnamurthy, of LifeTouch, and Lisa Powers, Office of Student Publications.

Eugene Robinson
Emma Kinery, EIC 2017
Rebecca Blumenstein
Dan Biddle
Stephen Henderson
Ann Marie Lipinski
Lisa Pollak
Alan Fanger, Alumni Committee
Rhonda DeLong and Kathy Ciesinski
John U. Bacon, emcee & board member
Neil Chase, Board chair
Roger Rappoport
Lois Josmovich
Robert Yoon
Pauline Lubens
Joel and Shirley Berger
Steve Kagan
Mark Bealafeld, General Manager, and Lisa Powers, Development Officer
Bill Marsh and Kery Murakami
Max Kuang, Daily photographer & summer 2017 MPE