Meet Alexa St. John - EIC 2018

“I went into this role wanting to make a positive difference in three areas -- digital media, diversity and business,” says Alexa St. John, the Daily's current editor-in-chief, who is a junior studying Communications and minoring in the Program in the Environment at UM.

2018 Scholarship & Awards Celebration

We are so grateful for the support of our students by dedicated, passionate donors! This is our special day to celebrate your generosity and the talented, deserving students who are able to thrive here at the UM Office of Student Publications. We couldn't do this vital work without you.  

Please join us as we announce the Scholarship and Award recipients for 2018!

Alumni Talk with Andi Schreiber

Andi Schreiber became smitten with documentary photography while working as a photographer and photo editor at The Michigan Daily and contributing to the Michiganensian Yearbook. After graduating from UM School of Art (‘88) with a BFA, she worked as a photojournalist in Boston and then New York, with work appearing in numerous exhibitions & publications (New York Magazine, Huffington Post, Real Simple, LENSCRATCH).

A letter from Eugene Robinson:

In one of the columns I wrote for The Washington Post about Barack Obama's election, I said:

"Diversity is more of a journey than a destination, 
and we have to keep moving forward."

At a panel discussion on newsroom diversity during the Fall 2017 Student Publications' Reunion, it became clear that we still have farther to go on that long road. 

Photo caption: 
Eugene Robinson speaks on panel

Emma Kinery EIC 2017

"I’m not sure what attracted me to The Daily. I avidly consumed news growing up and enjoyed writing, but my high school didn’t have a school newspaper or any formal training. I saw The Daily on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” the summer before my freshman year and it seemed like the place to be — embarrassingly, I DM’d The Daily’s Twitter account, asking how to apply.