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The Michigan Daily, the campus newspaper of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, published its first issue on Sept. 29, 1890. The student-run paper is published Monday through Friday during the fall and winter terms. During the spring and summer terms, it is published weekly.

The newspaper, which is financially independent from the University, is based in the recently renovated Stanford Lipsey Student Publications Building at 420 Maynard St. in Ann Arbor. The renovations, made possible by a gift from alum and Buffalo News publisher Stanford Lipsey, updated the building by adding handicap access, air-conditioning and other amenities while retaining its historic features.

The Daily covers the University's campus, administration, sports teams, faculty and culture as well as the town of Ann Arbor and other topics that affect the lives of students. Alumni include playwright Arthur Miller, two-time presidential candidate Thomas Dewey, activist Tom Hayden and investment banker Bruce Wasserstein. Its former editors, reporters, photographers, business staff members and other alumni have gone on to work at publications like the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, The Associated Press and countless other media outlets.

Daily alumni who have won Pulitzer Prizes include:

Eugene Robinson, 2009 Commentary /The Washington Post

Amy Harmon, 2008 Explanatory Reporting /The New York Times

Lisa Pollak, 1997 Feature Writing Pulitzer / The Baltimore Sun

Ann Marie Lipinski, 1988 Investigative Reporting / The Chicago Tribune with Dean Baquet and William Gaines

Daniel Biddle, 1987 Investigative Reporting / Philadelphia Inquirer with H. G. Bissinger and Fredric N. Tulsky

Stanford Lipsey and staff, 1973 Local Investigative Specialized Reporting / The Sun Newspapers of Omaha, NE


Arthur Miller, 1949 Drama

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