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Alumni Spotlight: Larry Brilliant

Gargoyle Alumni Lawrence "Larry" Brilliant is an American physician, epidemiologist, technologist, author, and the former director of Google's philanthropic arm[1] Brilliant, a technology patent holder, has been CEO of two public companies and other venture backed start ups. From 1973 to 1976, he participated in the successful World Health Organization (WHO) smallpox eradication program. In April 2009, he was chosen to oversee the "Skoll Global Threats Fund" established by eBay co-founder Jeff Skoll.


Collegiate Journalism Conventions

Commentary from the Daily Editor, Stephanie Steinberg:

Michigan Daily reporters and editors who attended the 2011 Michigan Press Association Convention in Detroit walked away from the weekend with a better understanding of the journalism industry in Michigan and ideas to improve The Michigan Daily's coverage.


Eugene Robinson speaks about his time at The Michigan Daily

Pulitzer Prize winner and columnist for The Washington Post, Eugene Robinson stopped by the Daily offices in October of 2010. We happened to have a video camera on hand and asked Gene for a testimonial about his days spent at The Michigan Daily. He was co-editor of the Daily with the late Chris Parks in 1974.