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Photo by: Allison Farrand
Shoham Geva: 2016 EIC

I joined The Michigan Daily a few weeks into my freshman year, mostly on a whim:

I wasn’t on my high school newspaper, and I thought I wanted to go into business, so it didn’t make much sense. But like so many other people, something kept drawing me back, which is both the genius and the curse of this place. In part, it was the challenge. The Daily has a time-honored tradition of throwing you directly into the deep end if you’re willing. This pushed me way outside of my comfort zone, starting the summer I found myself running the news section after my freshman year, all the way through my serving as the 2016 editor in chief. It was also just how cool our work can be. From covering the State of the State as a freshman, to talking to voters and covering candidates during the past two elections, the Daily has let me witness and chronicle history.

And I was also drawn by the community. I’ve always wanted to be at the Daily because of the people around me at 2am, production after production, who encouraged me to to come back the next night; who asked me questions about who I wanted to be and what we wanted to build; who are the best examples of commitment I’ve ever seen -- and who never said no to newsroom scooter races and not doing our homework.

I ran for EIC because I never seemed to run out of those reasons to stick around — the challenge, the work, the people — and I wanted to help move that forward. We covered campus during a tumultuous and impactful time that I hope we did justice.  The job is an indescribable experience, but it’s truly incredible the amount of work full-time students commit to this publication, as well as the people that trust us to help give them voice — and what results from that, whether it was national attention on our work or scrutiny on local officials.

Explaining my time at the Daily, especially my EIC year, to pretty much any non-Daily person usually ends in a wide-eyed stare, and then the questions: You spent how much time there? Didn’t you miss out on seeing friends, on going out? When did you do homework? (A lot, and yes and 5am). And then they’ll usually ask whether it was worth it, which doesn’t have as easy an answer. I’m going into the public sector after graduation, not journalism, which I’ve known I wanted for several years, and I’ve pursued (nonpartisan) work each summer to that effect.

But my school years have always been all about the Daily, because this place has taught me what a leader looks like and what it really means to be a part of something bigger than yourself, and that alone would make it worth it. A former EIC perhaps put it best: “It's strangely comforting to know that the best job you'll ever have you had when you were 20 years old.”

Student-Run Publications

The Michigan Daily The Michigan Daily, the campus newspaper of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, published its first issue on Sept. 29, 1890. The student-run paper is published Monday through Friday during the fall and winter terms. During the spring and summer terms, it is published weekly. The newspaper, which is financially independent from the University, is based in the recently renovated Stanford Lipsey Student Publications Building at 420 Maynard St. in Ann Arbor. The renovations, made possible by a gift from alum and Buffalo News publisher Stanford Lipsey, updated the building by adding handicap access, air-conditioning and other amenities while retaining its historic features. The Daily covers the University's campus, administration, sports teams, faculty and culture as well as the town of Ann Arbor and other topics that affect the lives of students. Alumni include playwright Arthur Miller, two-time presidential candidate Thomas Dewey, activist Tom Hayden and investment banker Bruce Wasserstein. Its former editors, reporters, photographers, business staff members and other alumni have gone on to work at publications like the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, The Associated Press and countless other media outlets.

The Michiganensian The Michiganensian is the yearbook of the University of Michigan. It has been published yearly at the University for 114 years. The book not only depicts over 5,000 undergraduate students, but also documents campus activities, student organizations, dorm life, and the most important projects campus-wide.

The Gargoyle The Gargoyle is the University of Michigan's official humor magazine. It currently prints three issues each school year and is distributed for free throughout Ann Arbor and the Michigan campus. The magazine is composed of a variety of articles, ranging from short fiction to interviews to satire, as well as art and cartoons.

Shei Magazine Shei Magazine, a fashion, arts and culture publication on campus, managed entirely by talented student journalists, photographers, stylists, graphic designers, and business people joined Student Publications in July of 2014, but have been on campus for nearly 20 years!  Their twice annual print edition is an 85-page glossy in which photo spreads and articles explore a central theme. They maintain an active blog and website, raise funds for charities and aspire to bring the latest designs, extraordinary artists, and amazing ideas from across the globe.