Eugene Robinson speaks about his time at The Michigan Daily

Pulitzer Prize winner and columnist for The Washington Post, Eugene Robinson stopped by the Daily offices in October of 2010. We happened to have a video camera on hand and asked Gene for a testimonial about his days spent at The Michigan Daily. He was co-editor of the Daily with the late Chris Parks in 1974.

After They Walk: Eugene Robinson, the man with the pen (borrowed from The Michigan Daily)

By Jillian Berman
Managing News Editor On March 29th, 2010

ARLINGTON, Va. — University alum Eugene Robinson’s house was bustling on a humid afternoon late last summer. His nephew was relaxing on the couch, while his wife, Avis, and a friend were chatting and working in the kitchen. Like most in the Washington area in August, the household was preparing for a vacation.

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Courtesy of Steve Kagan
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Robinson in front of Pulitzer Winners' plaque at The Michigan Daily